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Commissioned Animal Portraits

 Watercolors by George welcomes the opportunity to work with anyone who would like to recognize, celebrate, and/or remember the special animals that are adopted as special members of the family.

The Animal Portrait itself is a very detailed watercolor original, selected from several photographs that you will provide to make a selection to begin the process, as follows:

  1. All photographs are to be of the head/shoulder area of your animal; no full-body shots. (An exception for Birds). 

  2. Photographs can be e-mailed directly to the artist's address:

  3. A time and date will be set to discuss (by phone or e-mail) the photo and time to complete the final original.

  4. All finished portraits will be 8 ½ x 11” and mounted in a 14”x 17” mat to fit a standard vs. a more expensive custom frame. (We do not frame any items sold).

The cost is $150.00 for one animal and includes all materials, matting, and mailing costs. Persons will be asked if their finished painting can be displayed on the website, but NO commissioned portraits will be offered for sale.



Dana Perino's "Jasper" 

Itsy (yorkey) (2).jpg
Blue-Jim O'Neal.jpg
Cat-Chaunsey .jpg

Marcus (with the Texas Tenors) 

Heading 1BkBlue

Al's Zeppelin Imported Image.jpg
Bulldog 2 (2).jpg

Marcus (with the Texas Tenors

Cooper Imported Image.jpg
Taterimg001 (2).jpg
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